Knowledge Plane

AutoI defines a Knowledge Plane that consists of models and ontologies in order to provide increased analysis and inference capabilities. The key functional entity of the Knowledge Plane is the Context Information Service Platform responsible for the collection, processing and dissemination of context information specifically for network context, service context and policies. The consumers of context information are context-aware services including both user-facing services and network services whereas a context source is an entity that provides context information; examples include context sensors or virtual network resources.

The AutoI approach distributes context in local and remote databases, based on their
context associations and characteristics (such as granularity of context change). For
example, context that needs to be collected/disseminated from/to a specific part of an
infrastructure network may be stored in a local database inside this specific network

This briefly summarises the research carried out in the first year of the project. More information about the Knowledge Plane can be found in D4.1 Management and Knowledge Planes Functions and Initial Design: Initial Policy-based System.
Next I will take a closer look at the Service Enabler Plane.