Service Enablers Plane

AutoI defines a Service Enablers Plane that consists of the design of programmatic enablers for dynamic service driven configuration of communication resources. The AutoI’s Service Enablers Plane (SP) consists of:
• Functions for the automatic (re) deployment or activation of new management services, protocols as well as resource-facing and consumer-facing service.
• Programmatic enablers to allow code to be executed or activated on the network entities and a safe and controlled deployment of new services on demand.

This approach has the following advantages:

• Service deployment is taking place automatically and allows a significant number of new services to be offered on demand.

• Offers new flexible ways to configure network entities that are not based on strict configuration sets.

• Special management functions and services can be easily enabled locally for testing purposes before they are automatically deployed network-wide.

• Services that are not used can be automatically disabled. These services can be enabled again on demand, in case it is needed to.

• Eases the deployment of network-wide protocol stacks and management services.

This briefly summarises the research carried out in the first year of the project. More information about the Knowledge Plane can be found in D5.1 Initial Service Infrastructure Design.
Next I will take a closer look at the Information Model defined in AutoI.